PRO and Enterprise plans

Acumbamail's PRO and Enterprise plans offer advanced tools to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns. Once you hire one or the other, you can check at any time the extra features included in your plan from the My extras  section in the details of your plan. In this article we explain in detail how to make use of the functionalities included in both plans:

In this article:

Sending to each subscriber at their busiest time

Our system analyzes each subscriber's previous behavior with your previous campaigns, and will be sent to each subscriber at a time when they are statistically most likely to open mail within 24 hours of sending the campaign. You'll feature this option in step 5 of creating campaign and you'll need to activate it before proceeding with the submission.

most active hour

most active hour

Automatic resend to unopened

You also have the possibility to resubmit the campaign to those who have not opened it, with a new subject (you will not be able to forward it with the same subject as the first time), when the time you have set up for it has passed in this same section. You'll feature this option in step 5 of creating campaign and you'll need to activate it before proceeding with the submission.

automatic resend

automatic resend

Check the quality of your campaign

This feature will evaluate different parameters of your campaign, offering you a score of it (from 0 to 10) and indicating any possible errors in it before carrying out the shipment. You can find this option in step 5 of creating campaign.

hood quality

hood quality


The score from 0 to 10 will be generated after analysis of the parameters detailed below. The higher this score, the less likely your submission is to reach the SPAM tray.

bell punctuation

bell punctuation


DKIM and SPF configuration and sender domain verification have a direct impact on deliverability. This analysis will tell you if both processes have been carried out correctly.

permiso dkim spf

permiso dkim spf

Analysis with SPAM Assassin

Spam Assassin is a tool that analyzes the factors that can make your submission fall into SPAM filters. In case it finds an error that you must correct, it will indicate it in this section.

spam killer

spam killer

We will also analyze all the links included in your campaign, and that their corresponding URLs work correctly.

links analysis

links analysis

Analysis of forbidden words

There are a number of words that it is advisable not to include in either the subject or the body of the email, as they are commonly used in spam or illegal practices such as phishing. If you have included any of these words in your campaign, you can consult them in this section.

forbidden words

forbidden words

Best time slot analysis

Based on the data from your previous campaigns, we will analyze which is the best time slot for your campaigns to get more openness and interaction, and this time will appear available for you to schedule your shipments.

best time slotbest time slot

To activate this feature, select the Calculate Slot option in the shipment Extras section from the My extras tab:

List optimization

In the Lists section within the Newsletters section in the left pane of your account, double-click on one of your lists and go to the Advanced tab.

access advanced options in listsaccess advanced options in lists

With the Optimize List option,you'll have access to a section where you can schedule parameters so that your subscribers are automatically deleted in case you return a certain number of soft bounces, haven't opened X campaigns, don't open campaigns in a certain time, or don't click on links. This way you'll keep a list of the most active subscribers and get a higher percentage of open rate and increase deliverability.

automatic list optimization

automatic list optimization

List quality

In the Lists section within the Newsletters section in the left pane of your account, double-click on one of your lists and go to the Advanced tab.

In the Analyze quality part of the list you can the quality of the subscribers of your list. This analysis runs an internal algorithm that looks for emails susceptible to belonging to purchased databases, hard bounces, spam traps (emails that use anti-spam services to detect low-quality lists), temporary domain emails, blacklists, etc.

advanced list optionsadvanced list options

Once the analysis is complete, it will give you the possibility to remove those subscribers from your list. For security, at no time are those subscribers shown. Once you confirm to remove these subscribers, they will be automatically removed from the list and the process is irreversible .

Finally, the analysis tool will give your list a quality score.

analysis of list qualityanalysis of list quality

If you want to keep the clean list of low-quality emails at all times, remember to repeat this process each time you import to your existing list.

Facebook audiences

With this option, you can generate Facebook audiences from your subscriber lists to advertise your products and services through this social network.

To create an audience, you have to go to the Audiences tab within a specific subscriber list:

create an audience on facebook ads from acumbamail

create an audience on facebook ads from acumbamail

Once there, you will have to click on Login Facebook to connect Acumbamail and your Facebook account.

Select your account, grant the relevant permissions and you will already have Acumbamail linked to Facebook.

link acumbamail with facebook

Then click New Audience for your ads.

create custom audience in acumbamail

create custom audience in acumbamail

You'll need to name your audience and select your company's ad account (you'll need to have permission to it from your personal Facebook). Here you will have the option to sync with Facebook the complete list or just a segment you have previously created. Select the audience already created on Facebook where you want to add your subscribers, and then click Add.

add facebook audience to acumbamailadd facebook audience to acumbamail

Priority support

At Acumbamail we are committed to offering the best assistance to all our clients. However, with the Enterprise plan, your queries will have priority when it comes to being answered and resolved.

Email marketing consulting

If you have a contracted PRO plan, you will have the possibility of requesting a free email marketing consultancy per month so that we can examine your campaigns in detail and help you improve them in all aspects.

On the other hand, if you have an Enterprise plan you can request a consultancy with our team when you need it, and you will be assigned an Account Manager specifically dedicated to helping you optimize your email campaigns.

White brand

These two plans also allow you to customize the platform and split your plan across multiple customers. To know how to create an agency account, you have all the information in this article.

Priority in the delivery queue

Your campaigns will have priority in the delivery queue, avoiding possible delays in case the volume of campaigns is higher than usual that day.

Testing on different devices

In the last step of creating campaign, you can preview the email on different devices, email clients and browsers. Each trial has an added cost of two euro, but with the PRO and Enterprise plan you will have 10 and 100 free trials per month respectively.

Dedicated IP

With the Enterpise plan you have the possibility to send your emails from a dedicated IP. Once you have contracted the plan, contact our support team to proceed with its configuration.

Custom domain for landing pages

With both plans you have the possibility to create and publish your landing pages using your own domain in the resulting URL. For more information, you can access our landing page guide here.

Personalized data processing contract

All our customers with plan can sign a standard data processing contract, reviewed by our GDPR advisor to comply with all warranties.

However, those customers with a contracted PRO or Enterprise plan that, by company policy, require to make modifications to that contract, or that we review a specific one of theirs with our advisor, can contact our support team to review it. You can access more detailed information about our data processing in this article.

Check here the prices to contract a PRO or Enterprise plan