Acumbamail Plugin for WordPress

Using the Acumbamail plugin you can integrate Acumbamail forms into your own Wordpress.

Integrate a form with the Wordpress plugin

⚠️ The plugin is not compatible with the new block-based widget editor introduced in WordPress 5.8. Therefore this option is only valid for WordPress installations prior to that version. In later versions, installing the plugin is only recommended if you want to use integration with Woocommerce .

You can install this plugin in two ways:

  • From the Wordpress plugin repository:In the Wordpress admin interface (/wp-admin/) select the "Plugins" option from the menu on the left. Once there, press the "Add New" button and search for "Acumbamail" and install the plugin.
  • Instalar plugin de wordpressInstalar plugin de wordpress
  • From the zip file provided by Acumbamail: Download the .zip file that you will find on this page . Then, in the Wordpress administration interface (/wp-admin/), select the “Plugins” option in the left menu. Once there, press the “Upload plugin” button. Click browse and select the .zip file you downloaded. Finally, select “Install now”.

plugin the acumbamail and wordpress

plugin the acumbamail and wordpress

If everything has worked correctly, once the module has been uploaded to the server where your Wordpress is hosted, all that remains is to configure it correctly. Using the module configuration interface you will have to enter the auth token that has been assigned to you . You can check which auth token corresponds to you here . Once the value has been entered, press the "Save" button.

Next, select a list previously created in Acumbamail. The forms associated with the selected list will be displayed. Finally, select a form to appear on your Wordpress pages. You should see something like this:

plugin the acumbamail and wordpress

plugin the acumbamail and wordpress

If you want more information, in the following links you can find more information about lists and forms.

Once all the fields are configured, within the Appearance/Widgets section, select the Acumbamail widget to choose where you want it to appear. Remember that only the classic form will appear where you indicate. The rest of the types of forms already have their default position on the page. Even so, you must include them in some section for them to be loaded.

Integration with Woocommerce plugin

In addition, if you have activated the Woocommerce plugin,the new version of our plugin allows you to configure a list to which your buyers will subscribe. In that case, in the side menu of our plugin, select Woocommerce.

woocommerce plugin integration with acumbamail

The lists you have created with your user in Acumbamail will be displayed . Select the desired list and press the «Save Changes» button.

confirmation integration of acumbamail plugin in wordpress

confirmation integration of acumbamail plugin in wordpress

From this moment on, each time a customer confirms a purchase, they will automatically subscribe to the selected list.

See all the integrations available in Acumbamail.