Cancellation of shipments: reasons and solutions

It may be the case that the sending of one of your campaigns is canceled if certain conditions occur. If this happens, in this article you can find out the reasons that have caused the cancellation, how to solve them and how to reactivate the shipment.

In this article:

Reasons for canceling the sending of a campaign

If your shipment has been canceled, it is due to one (or both) of the following reasons:

High number of hard bounces

When we detect that in a campaign there is a high number of emails that do not exist (hard bounces), typically because the email has some typo or has ceased to exist (something frequent in old or purchased lists), we cancel it as soon as possible to avoid greater evils. We explain what these greater evils are:

  • Email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) have a way to categorize incoming emails through filters. These filters, which determine whether an email campaign reaches spam or not, take into account these factors:
    • The behavior of your subscribers (if they open your campaigns)
    • The reputation of the domain of the email you use as sender
    • The content and links in your campaigns

We are going to focus on the second point, the reputation of the domain of the email you use as a sender, that is, if you send your emails with the address

Sending a high percentage of emails to addresses that do not exist (hard bounce) activates the anti-spam filters of mail providers, which automatically detract from the reputation of your sending domain. This means that the more addresses you send that do not exist, the more likely it is that you get to spam systematically. This is why we automatically pause campaigns if they have a very high percentage of hard bounces, to give you the opportunity to clean up the list of emails that do not exist.

You have more detailed information on how to avoid spam in this article,in which we give you a more detailed explanation of how anti-spam filters work.

High number of complaints

When a high number of subscribers mark your submission as spam manually, it means that you are not sending the content for which the subscribers signed up to your list. It could be that you are using a pre-existing list to submit other content, or in the worst case, you are submitting to a rented or purchased list.

The only solution in this case is for you to verify that you are sending the appropriate content, and to subscribers who are actually interested and who have given you their explicit consent to do so. For this reason, having a quality shipping list is essential.

Solutions to canceling the sending of a campaign

The solution is to clear your list to remove those email addresses that do not exist. For this you have two options:

Clean lists with Acumbamail (NEW)

Now when a campaign is canceled for having too many hard bounces, we are offered the option to clean up on the campaign's report page.

This service is the only one that performs a real cleanup by making calls to the server of each email to see if it exists or not. For this reason, it has an extra cost and is not included in any of the rates or plans. Making calls to check if an email exists or not is an expensive service for us as well. Even so, the price we offer, being a product only for our own customers, is well below the price offered by external companies. This process can take up to 1 hour per 1000 subscribers.

After this cleaning, our technical support can be asked to assess the possibility of reactivating the canceled campaigns.

Clean lists with Acumbamail PRO

With our PRO and Enterprise plans you can use the list cleaning tool that will eliminate those email accounts that are not currently active. This cleaning uses our database of hard bounces, mailtraps or low-quality emails. By not making real calls to each email, this cleaning is ideal for increasing the quality of our list, but it is not recommended for cleaning low-quality lists.

Clean lists with an external service

You can also use an external service dedicated to cleaning lists. We recommend not to trust the tools that offer this service at a reduced price, this service is expensive so offering it at a reduced price is not viable for any company. A low-priced cleaning is never going to work because it won't be real.

Resume Shipping

Once you've done this list cleanup and review, you'll need to duplicate the campaigns, choose the new clean list, and resubmit the campaign. We recommend sending it again even to those who have received the first campaign, since having had a high number of hard and lows, it is very possible that the first campaign reached them in the spam folder.