Thanks to the integration of Acumbamail with Zapier you can optimize your processes and workflows, being able to integrate Acumbamail with more than 3000 applications to be able to worry about what really matters. For this it is important to know how this platform works to be able to create automations or Zaps.

What is a Zap?

A Zap is an automated flow of actions that tells your app to follow the following command: "When that happens, do this.". Each Zap has a trigger and one or more actions. The trigger is the event that triggers a Zap and the action is what the Zap does for you. When a Zap runs, each action it completes counts as a task. Next we will exemplify the creation of a Zap with Typeform,a web application to create forms together with Acumbamail.

How do I create a Zap?

Very easy, select the applications you want to connect on the main page. In this example, Typeform and Acumbamail are connected, but you also have the possibility of connecting Acumbamail with your CRM, with your Analytics platform or with your Social Networks . (Apart from Typeform, remember that Acumbamail has its own forms that are completely integrated with your lists).

Once inside the Zap, you can add a name to it and you can choose the trigger of the action you want to perform on that Zap. In this case the trigger is a new response in the form.

To connect your applications to each other, it is necessary to identify yourself in each of these, and for this you have to create a connection between Zapier and the application. With Acumbamail it is very simple, you just need to follow the indications offered by the page. First you have to choose between the multiple actions offered by the platform.

Once this is done, you need to create a connection with Acumbamail by pressing the Login button and later entering your client ID (also called auth token or API Key), which you can find in the API documentation.

Once the connection is established, we can configure the trigger and the action. Both can return data with which we can automate future actions. In this case, the data returned by the Typeform trigger are the answers to each of the questions, from which it is interesting to obtain the phone number to send a discount to our customers.

The configuration data of the Zap is test data, once the Zap is published the data is replaced by real, thus allowing you to automate your tasks! ????

And how do I add subscribers from other platforms?

Very easy! Acumbamail allows you to add new subscribers or update their fields with new values using the "Add/Update Subscriber"action. To update the values of a particular Subscriber you must mark the"Update Existing Subscriber Data"option as True, and if the Subscriber did not exist before, simply add it to thelist. In addition, the type of the field is also reflected on the screen, such as a field of type list,of type decimal number, or of type date. It should be remembered that Zapier allows you to add custom values, which are out of the expected, in various fields such as Boolean,Combobox and others. In the following case, a subscriber is added to the Leads list each time a row is added to a Google Sheetsspreadsheet. 

Once your Zaps are done, you can see both active and inactive in the Zaps tab. We recommend visiting the Zapier support page and exploring all the possibilities that this platform offers together with Acumbamail!