Google Analytics

Integrating Acumbamail with your website's Google Analytics account will allow you to fully monitor the behavior of subscribers from an email marketing campaign on your website.

Tracking your campaigns by integrating Google Analytics allows you to track the links you've sent in your campaign.

How to integrate Google Analytics with Acumbamail?

  1. First of all, if you do not yet have a Google Analytics account associated with your website, you must go to the Google Analytics website and register from the "Create an account" button, for this you must have a Gmail account.
    Once you have registered, you will have to enter on your website (on each of the pages) the tracking code that will be provided to you and you will have already integrated Google Analytics into your website.
  2. integration of acumbamail with google analyticsintegration of acumbamail with google analytics
  3. Now it only remains to integrate Acumbamail with Google Analytics. It's very simple, you have toCreate your campaignsand in the first step, inAdvanced Optionsactivate the "Activate Google Analytics" option.

    Activate Google Analytics in Acumbamail campaignsActivate Google Analytics in Acumbamail campaigns

  4. Once this option is checked, you will have connected all the links of your campaigns to your Google Analytics through UTM values. If you double-click, you will be able to customize the utm values to your liking so that they appear as both source (utm_source) and campaign (utm_campaign) in your Google Analytics
  5. This is an example of the analysis you would have in Analytics:
  6. view google analytics integrated with acumbamailview google analytics integrated with acumbamail