If you are already using our Wordpress plugin,you should know that it also has specific support for Woocommerce.

If you have activated the Woocommerce plugin in your Wordpress, two different options will appear in the side menu, one to integrate Acumbamail forms and another to configure our integration with Woocommerce, as you can see in the image below:

plugin de acumbamail para woocommerce

To configure this extension you must also enter your auth token (which you can get here).

Once the auth token has been configured, a drop-down will be displayed with the lists that you have associated with your user. Select the desired list and click on the "Save changes" button again. You can also configure the phrase that will be displayed in the list subscription confirmation checkbox. If you don't configure any phrase, one will be shown by default.

plugin de acumbamail para woocommerce

plugin de acumbamail para woocommerce

When the billing form is fully loaded, a checkbox will be displayed for the user to mark whether or not they want to subscribe to the list configured for buyers. From this moment on, when the client marks the checkbox and their order goes to the processing state, he will automatically subscribe to the selected list.

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