Using the Acumbamail plugin, you will be able to integrate the Acumbamail forms into your own Magento. To install the plugin you have to:

  • Download the file Acumbamail_Subscription from this link.
  • Copy it to the root folder of Magento
  • Unzip the file from the Magento root folder

Once unzipped, you can switch to enabling it. To do this, go to the Magento management interface. In the side menu under System, go to "Settings" and select "Advanced". Here you can see a list of Magento extensions that your site has. From the drop-down associated Acumbamail_Subscription select "Enable".

integration of acumbamail with magento

integration of acumbamail with magento

Once the extension has been enabled, a new entry associated with Acumbamail will appear in the menu on the top bar. To configure the extension, go to the Acumbamail menu and select "Configuration". The extension is configured in three consecutive steps:

  1. The first thing to do is to enter your auth token. If you don't know what your auth token is you can get it here. Once entered you must press the "Save" button. integración de acumbamail con magento 2integración de acumbamail con magento 2

  2. Next, a drop-down with all your Acumbamail lists will be displayed. Here you must select the list to which you want to subscribe your customers and that contains the form that you want to display on your pages. Once the list is selected, click the "Save" button again.integración de acumbamail con magento 3integración de acumbamail con magento 3

  3. Once the desired list has been saved, another drop-down will be displayed containing the forms associated with the selected list. Select the form you want to display on your Magento pages and select "Save".

integration of acumbamail with magento 4integration of acumbamail with magento 4

Finally, you can delete the data entered in the configuration form at any time by pressing the "Restart" button.

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