Integrating Acumbamail forms with your Prestashop store is easy. We explain the process below:

First of all, you will have to install the Acumbamail plugin using the installer provided by Prestashop. Download the .zip file from the link you will find on that page. Once you have it, from the administration interface of your store scroll to the "Modules" section. From here you can upload the module to your server using the "Upload a module" option.

If everything has worked correctly, once the module has been uploaded to the server where your store is hosted, you must configure it correctly. Making use of the module's configuration interface you will have to enter the auth token that has been assigned to you. You can check which is the auth token that corresponds to you here. Once the value has been entered, press the "Save" button.

After verifying that the auth token is correct you will have the following configuration options:

  • Subscription forms: Here you can select the form you want to be displayed in your virtual store. First you will have to select the list that contains the form you want to use. Once the list is selected, the forms belonging to that list will be displayed and you must select one to integrate it with your virtual store. In the following links you can find more information about lists and forms.

  • Client synchronization: In addition, you will have the possibility to synchronize in Acumbamail the clients who have already subscribed to your newsletter through the Prestashop "newsletter subscription" module. You must select the list to which you want the clients to be added. You must also confirm that you want to synchronize the lists by checking the "I want to synchronize customers subscribed to the Prestashop newsletter" field. After saving the changes, all the customers previously subscribed to the Prestashop newsletter will have been added to your Acumbamail list. If you configure this option, customers who confirm a purchase in your online store will be automatically added to the list you have selected.

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