Set up and use an agency account

In Acumbamail, with our Pro and Enterprise plans, we offer the possibility of dividing a plan between several clients and applying the colors and brands of your agency.

This feature, specially designed for marketing agencies, will allow you to offer our email or SMS service to your customers without having access to the cost it has for you. In addition, the user experience will include your brand and corporate colors.

To activate the agency account you will have to contact our support service, which will proceed to activate the service.

Create your white label

Once you've contacted our support team to set up a primary account for your white label, you can create it by following these steps:

  • Starting from the Acumbamail side menu, click My Account,and then Click plan.

Next, head to the My Extras tab under Fees and Billing:

Click on the Create button in the White Label section:

Set up your white label

To set up white label you need to fill out the form below, this will make them customize both the look and Social Media of your company.

You can also prevent Acumbamail support sections from being displayed, allowing you to centralize help to your customers from your own channels, so that they have to interact as little as possible with us.

White labelWhite label

Set up your agency account

To have an agency account, you don't need to set up white label, you can maintain the look and support of Acumbamail and still use the feature account.

The agency feature will allow you to share the rates by number of email sends among the different clients you have and assign a number of monthly shipments to each of them. You can also distribute SMS between your agency sub-accounts. To have this feature active you have to contact our support team,once you do this feature will be added and you can access it as follows:

In the Acumbamail side menu, hover over the My account section and then click on the Preferences section of the drop-down menu that appears:

Once this is done, the Agencies tab will appear in the menu that appears within the account section:

Once you have completed the above steps, you can add new users to your Agency account by clicking the Add User button.

You'll be able to add your customer's email and an access password. Please note that that sub account may change your password when you access your account. If you need to change the password once the sub account is created, you will need to do so by logging in from the sub account itself or by contacting our support.

It is important that you keep in mind that the users you add cannot have an account already created in Acumbamail, since it will not allow you to add an email that does. If the account you want to add is your property, you can contact support to move it within your agency account.

In case it isn't and you want to add an account with that same email, you can use a little trick. Email servers ignore the characters that appear in the user name after a +. For example, the following addresses are equivalent, all of which will equal the original.

Distribute email or SMS credits

Once you have your users created, you can distribute the emails and SMS contained in your plan among the different users you have created. To do this, you must click on the table, on the options button of the user to whom you want to assign the credits and select Assign credits.

You can choose the number of email or SMS credits you want to assign to each of your users. It's important to remember that unallocated credits can be consumed in your own account or assigned later to other users, you don't have to assign them all from the start.

In this case we will assign only 5000 of the 20000 email credits that we have available. It would only be necessary to confirm the action by clicking on Assign. And in the same way SMS credits could be assigned.

Keep in mind that, since it is a monthly plan, your users will be able to send that number of emails every month. If at any time you want to modify the number of credits of any user you just have to return to this page and repeat the process of assigning credits.

You can also delete users at any time. Remember that the user removal operation is not reversible, so be careful when using it. To do this, you must click on the table, on the options button of the user you want to delete and select Delete user.