Information about pricing plans

Most Acumbamail features are included in pricing plans, often as monthly subscriptions. There are several types of available rates and payment methods to suit the specific needs of each business. None of the rates have a minimum-term commitment (except SMS monthly subscriptions),so you can change and cancel a plan when desired.

Types of pricing plans

Email pricing plans

In Acumbamail you have three different plans for sending emails with different functionalities and fixed extras. These three monthly or yearly recurrence plans have a base price that will increase depending on the emails you want to send monthly or the fixed number of subscribers or email addresses you want to send unlimited emails to:

  • Basic Plan:With the basic plan you can already send email campaigns without the Acumbamail logo, have unlimited access to our drag &drop template editor with more than 850 fully customizable templates, to save 1 personalized row within the editor, complete campaign reports, dynamic forms(pop-up, exit intent ) and automations, among other functions. In addition, you can receive real-time support from the platform's chat, email and phone.
  • PRO Plan: This plan includes the ability to create more automations and be able to save more rows in the template editor. It also includes some more advanced features to get the most out of your campaigns, such as automatic forwarding to unopened, list cleaning and optimization, integrating your lists with Facebook Ads audiences, creating a white label or the possibility of publishing landing pages with a custom domain. You will also be able to enjoy one email marketing consultancy per month.
  • Enterprise Plan : You will be able to access all the functionalities without limitations, hire a dedicated sending IP if you want, have priority support and have an assigned Account Manager to help you obtain the best results.

Access the detailed comparison of features included in each plan

How to choose the right plan?

Once you have decided the features that best suit your specific needs, you only have to consider the number of emails you plan to send. Depending on this, you may want to choose your plan based on the number of submissions or the number of subscribers:

  • Number of shipments: To be clear, a send is equivalent to an email sent to a single email address. This modality is interesting when you are not going to send many to the same list of subscribers or addresses, as it is more profitable. The number of subscribers that can be imported is unlimited. In addition, this option is more flexible since you can buy extra credits when the plans runs out to continue sending.
  • Number of subscribers: This option is ideal if you plan to send a considerable number of emails to a fixed number of email addresses. So you can send an unlimited number of emails per month to a limited number of subscribers (receiving email addresses).
  • Prepaid credits: If you need to send emails on time or without a fixed recurrence, there is the option of contracting a fixed package of emails (prepaid credits). These packages will allow you to send a certain number of emails, for an unlimited period of time. They are more expensive than the recurring rates, but there are clients who are more profitable since a single payment is made and the credits accumulate in the account waiting to be used, without expiration. By default, if you contract a prepaid credit package, you will have access to the features included in the Basic plan .

To contract any of these plans, go to the My Account section in the side menu of Acumbamail and click on the option Contract rates / credits:

my acumbamail account panel

my acumbamail account panel

Once you have done this, a screen will appear with the different types of shipping methods. You can select the option you want in the top menu:

types of acumbamail rates

types of acumbamail rates

Depending on the shipping method selected (shipping, subscribers, or prepaid), you'll be able to see the price in euro or USD for each plan:

Select plans in Acumbamail

Select plans in Acumbamail

SMS payment rates

With the Pro and Enterprise email plans, you have a fixed number of SMS included per month that you can use. However, if you need a specific plan for sending SMS, you have two options:

  • Prepaid SMS package: Contract the SMS you need in a single payment, they will be available in your account at all times without expiration.
  • Monthly Fee: They are 10% cheaper than a package; the SMS that you do not use accumulates month to month and you can cancel whenever you want, but keep in mind that you will lose the accumulated SMS at the time you cancel the plans. Our monthly rates have a minimum permanence of four months.

To contract an SMS plan, go to the section of Contract rates / credits within the My account button of the side menu of Acumbamail:

my account panel in acumbamail

my account panel in acumbamail

Next, select the SMS option in the top tab. In the right corner you can select the prepaid or monthly plans:

Select SMS plans in Acumbamail

Select SMS plans in Acumbamail

Select the option you want and click on Hire, where you will proceed to add a payment method and add your invoicing details if it is the first time you make a payment on the platform, or you will have to confirm the payment if you have already included a payment method previously.

Available payment methods

At Acumbamail we do not store your bank information, account numbers, or card numbers . All information related to your means of payment is stored in the payment processors, Stripe for bank cards and GoCardless for direct debits, through a secure process in which your information does not even pass through our servers. You can choose between several available payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express cards can be used. You can use it to sign up for rates of any kind. It is better that, if you have a recurring plans, do not use a virtual card, since the following charges will be paralyzed and you will have to enter it manually each month, blocking your account while you carry out the process.
  • Direct debit: Direct debit is another payment method allowed. This service is offered to customers that we consider reliable, if at any time it does not appear you can contact our support and provide your data to activate it. It can also be used at any of the available rates.
  • Bank transfer: We only offer this form of payment if you sign up for annual fees or large rates for email or SMS credits. The reason is that the management of this type of payment method is manual and involves work from our support staff, so we try to keep it to a minimum. In the event that you want to pay for a plan yearly by bank transfer, please contact our support.

At the moment, we do not contemplate payment for PayPal.

Renewal of monthly rates

All monthly rates will be renewed after 30 calendar days, counting from the day the plans were paid. If you change your plans, your renewal date will be 30 days from the day you make the change. The plans change is effective at the time you request it. 

If for some reason your payment method does not allow you to make charges, your account will be automatically blocked and you will be notified by email to enter a new payment method. Please note that if your account is blocked your automations will be paused and transactional submissions will not be sent, so try, as far as possible, to have several payment methods available to avoid blockages.

Purchase more credits when your plan has run out and you need more

There is a possibility that, in certain months, you do not have enough shipments with the plans you have contracted and you need to send some more. There are two options you can consider: a plan change or using extra shipping. The price of extra shipments depends on the plan you have contracted, you can consult them in the following table:

Contracted rate Price extra credit (by email)
20,000 shipments 0,00161 €/email
40,000 shipments 0,0015 €/email
100,000 shipments 0,00128 €/email
300,000 shipments 0,00079 €/email
700,000 shipments 0,00071 €/email
1,000,000 shipments 0,00053 €/email

There are three possibilities in which you can use extra credits:

  • In the last step of campaign creation, if you press the send campaign button and you have no credits, you will be informed of how much it will cost you to send that campaign.
  • If you schedule a campaign to be sent on a certain date and at that point you don't have any credits, you'll be automatically charged for the extra credits, and if your payment method doesn't work, the campaign will be sent.
  • If you are sending transactional sends via SMTP server and you exceed your sends, you will be charged extra credits.

In the case of sending campaigns (both manual and scheduled) you will be charged a minimum of € 1 per campaigns sent. Extra credits are useful if the next rate scale means spending more money, otherwise you should make a plans change.

For more information regarding billing (for extra credits or fees), see this article.

Plan changes

In Acumbamail you can make a change of plans whenever you want, both to a higher or lower plan. The plan change will cause your renewal date to be updated to 30 calendar days from the date of the change.

You can make the plan changes you want and there is no penalty for it, but we recommend you exhaust your plans before making the plan change, since the shipments you have left to make will be lost and youwill not be entitled to any type of refund. We do not charge the difference for changing plan, except if you want to change from one plan yearly to a larger one. In that case, please contact our support.

Pause a recurring plans

You can pause a contracted recurring plan for 30 days. Once activated, the pause will be effective immediately and for the next 30 days, during which you will not be able to use your account and you will not be charged anything.

Once those 30 days have passed, the account will be activated again and we will charge you the corresponding monthly payment. You can see the reactivation date at any time from the My rate section in My account . Likewise, from this same page you can also reactivate your account before the 30 days are up.

Cancel a recurring plans

Keep in mind that before canceling your recurring plan youmust delete your subscriber lists and that your plan will be canceled instantly, losing the credits you have pending. Prepaid or SMS credits will not be deleted. To cancel your plans, follow these steps:

  • Go to the "My Account" section and then "My pricing plan".
  • Click the cancel plans button