In this article we explain how the Acumbamail billing system works.

  • We usually issue a separate invoice for each service: one for SMS, one for email, one for extra email credits and one for the creation of custom templates by our design team
  • All of them are generated at the time of payment and you can view and download them in your account (from My Account > My plan > Invoices). They will be available in your account at all times
  • If you need a proforma invoice before making your payment, please contact our support. Only proforma invoices are made for the purchase of prepaid email or SMS credits or to contract annual rates.

Edit your invoicing details

At the time you make the payment in Acumbamail you will be asked for the invoicing details.

The data is used to issue all invoices. If at any time you want to change them it is important that you know that they will be modified from the next invoice, but the previous ones will keep the old data. If you need, punctually, to change the data of an invoice already issued , please contact our support.

To modify invoicing details for future invoices, go to acumbamail's side menu to My Account and tap on My pricing plan:

acumbamail user panel

Once this is done, click on the Billing Information tab:

rates and billing in acumbamail

rates and billing in acumbamail

Once you have done this, the form will appear in which you must enter your tax information. When you're done, click the top right button on Update .

Download invoices

To download your invoices, go to My account in the side menu of Acumbamail and click on My plans:

my account panel in acumbamail

Once there, click on the Invoices tab:

fees and billing accumulatemail

fees and billing accumulatemail

From this menu, you will be able to view all the invoices issued and download them in PDF format.

Always remember to provide the invoices to the administration department of your company or provide them with access to download them, from the support department we do not send invoices that are requested, they must always be downloaded from the platform itself .

I have invoices for amounts other than my plans

As we have commented in the introduction of this article, in Acumbamail we issue an invoice for each service we provide, sometimes there are doubts about certain invoices issued for very small amounts, specifically the following:

  • One or more invoices with the amount of € 1: they are usually for the consumption of extra email credits: when the emails associated with your plans are exhausted, you can continue sending campaigns, but the emails will be charged separately. In this article we describe how extra credits work in case you have more questions. In any case, before sending your campaign, you will get a message warning you that extra emails will be charged to confirm the action.
  • One or more invoices with the amount of 2 €: usually due to the service of previewing campaigns in different browsers and devices, each use of this service has a cost of 2 €. If you have more doubts about the service you can consult this article.