Add and verify an entire domain

Add your domain

Acumbamail offers the option to verify an entire domain, that is, you can authenticate that you are the owner of the domain so you can send campaigns with the sender you want without having to authenticate emails individually:,, etc.

To do this, on the Home page you must locate Add domains that you will find in the shortcuts part, bottom left or from within the top menu Account.

verify domain email marketingverify domain email marketing

After clicking you will be taken to the Account/Domainspage. In the space reserved to enter text, put the name of your domain and click on the Addbutton.

verify domainverify domain

Verify your domain

Next to your domain name, click Verify Domain.

check domain mailingcheck domain mailing

You have 4 options to verify your domain, being able to choose any of the following:

Click on a link we send to your email

Selecting this option will display a list of common emails. If you do not have any of the suggested you must create one from your provider that is called the same as any of the suggested. In this way we make sure that you really are the owner of the domain.

verify domain to avoid spamverify domain to avoid spam

After selecting one of them, click Send email. We will send an email to the chosen email address that you must open and click on the link it contains.

Upload a file to your server

Another available verification option is to create a file and upload it to your server. You must create a file with the name and content that we provide you when you deploy this option. Later you must upload the file created in the indicated path and click on Verify

check domain against spamcheck domain against spam

Add a meta tag

You can also add a tag to the header of your website's homepage by editing the HTML of this page and adding the text we provide just before the section.

Then click on verify.

check domain mailingcheck domain mailing

Create a DNS record

You can add a TXT record in your domain's DNS settings with the content we provide and click View.

verify domain emailverify domain email

Congratulations, you've already verified your domain. If you later want to add DKIM/SPF settings to further improve your deliverability rate, we recommend that you read the article Set up DKIM and SPF for your submissions.