Marketing actions calendar

The importance of a good temporary organization of content and actions, is very useful when planning your campaigns and get the most profitability to each of the milestones of the year.

In case you are not very clear about how you can prepare one, we have added a calendar in which you can see your email and SMS campaigns sent and scheduled, as well as important marketing dates of the year so that you do not miss any. You can also add your own custom events so you can keep track of your marketing strategy in a simple way.

In this article:

Create your own event:

Including your own event in the calendar is very simple, you can access the calendar through My Account > Marketing Calendar.

Within the calendar, you can create a new event by assigning it a name and date on which the milestone will take place.

Your own event will be generated in the calendar so you can keep track of your marketing strategy in a simple way. You will be able to have a global vision, as well as a more efficient management, of the resources used and of the campaigns communicated in a given space of time.

Being able to add your own events (start of seasonal campaigns, actions on Social Media, etc.) along with your email and SMS campaigns will allow you to centralize the management of your work in the same place, in a simple way. Planning your work and avoiding improvisation will allow you to have greater control of the time invested

We recommend that you start today.

If you want to take a look at strategic tips, check out our blog post on how to organize a content calendar that works.