Referral program

Any Acumbamail user with a paid plan can access our referral program and earn income for each user who contracts one of our pricing plans. The process is very simple, as we explain below.

How Acumbamail's referral program works

You can promote Acumbamail through the means you want: your blog, your newsletter, personal recommendations, etc. Through a custom link, we will track all users who register on the platform through it, and you will receive a percentage of all revenue generated by those users.

Who can use the referral program

Any user who has a payment account in Acumbamail can use it directly, without the need for prior approval or registration beyond the creation of the account. Referrals between companies of the same group or that have a relationship of any kind between them are excluded.

How much income you can receive using the referral program

You will receive 15% of all revenue generated from email marketing by users through your referral links for 2 years.

Check your referral statistics

In the Referral Program section within My Account you can consult all the information about it.

General information

In the General Information section you can access your personalized link, through which new users can register that will generate your income. You can include this link wherever you want so that they reach the platform.

You also have Acumbamail banners to include on your website, emails, etc. in case you don't want to create your own. Just copy the HTML code below each of them and include it on your site.

generated income

Here you have the information of each user registered through your link, the date of registration, date of payment, amount paid, whether it has been transferred to your account, and the revenue that corresponds to you from each transaction.

generated incomegenerated income

Registered users

In this tab you will see a list of all users (free and paid) who have registered through your link.

Request payment

Finally, you can request payment for us to make a transfer to your account as long as at least 3 referrals of yours have generated a purchase and you have exceeded € 20 of profits.

Request paymentRequest payment

If you have any questions about our referral program, please contact our support team and we will gladly resolve them.